Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Movie Review

I was in New York City over the Fourth of July weekend and it was insanely hot, so on one afternoon I ducked into an air-conditioned theater and watched "World War Z."

It was OK but the zombies just looked fake, at least when they formed into big swarms. One on one they were pretty good. Too much CGI for my taste, in general, though.

I was kind of surprised by how standardized the zombie rules have become, though, the kind of thing that was parodied by "Zombieland" a while back, and by "The Walking Dead." They are drawn to sound; only a head shot will kill them; that sort of thing.

Warning! Blatant commercial plug coming up. If you'd like to see a different take on zombies, I invite you to read "Mama Lona's Man." Just a thought. Or, for you Amazon fans, click here.