Monday, December 17, 2012

So, I guess if you are sitting at home tomorrow night and are completely bored, and all your TV channels are out (except one) and your iPad has run down and your dog has wandered off, you might want to watch this.

Or, you could perhaps spend your time much more wisely and read this instead. Seriously, the Discovery Channel has become one of the slackest things on TV. They once hosted a "documentary" about vampires vs. werewolves that was, of course, tied to the release of one of those Underworld movies. Sad.

I think the same company owns Discovery Channel, what used to be called The Learning Channel and History Channel, all of which mostly air junk, especially now that History seems to have run out of things to say about World War II.

This little cartoon says it best, I think. Anyway, don't watch zombie crap on TV. Read about zombies instead, particularly sexy ones such as featured in "Mama Lona's Man!"

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